Research Collaborators

The Penn Lab maintains collaborations with prestigious researchers across the United States and Internationally. Below is an overview of current research collaborations:

Targeting Stress Reactivity in Schizophrenia: Integrating Coping Awareness Therapy (I-CAT)
Piper Meyer, Ph.D.: Executive Director of the Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health

Diana Perkins, M.D.: Director of OASIS (Outreach and Support Intervention Services),
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Medicine

Enhancing Recovery for Individuals with First Episode Psychosis: The Horyzons Project
Mario Alvarez, Ph.D.: Head of E-Health, Orygen National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia

John Gleeson, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Melbourne, Australia

Physical Activity Can Enhance Life (PACE-Life)
Claudio Battaglini, Ph.D.: Professor of Exercise and Sports Science,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Simon Rosenbaum, Ph.D.: NHMRC Early Career Fellow, the University of New South Wales;
Director of Exercise and Sports Science Australia

Social Cognition Psychometric Evaluation (SCOPE)
Philip Harvey, Ph.D.: Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Miami,
Miller School of Medicine

Amy Pinkham, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, University of Texas at Dallas,
School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Fred Jarskog, Ph.D.: Research Director, North Carolina Psychiatric Research Center, 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Medicine