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The Penn Lab at UNC has published in several different areas of interest within the field of schizophrenia research. Please see our publications and areas of interest below!




Social Cognition Assessment

Social Cognition Review

Attentional Shaping SCOPE- Preliminary Findings  Cognitive Impairments Neurocognition Vs. Social Cognition
SCIT Development/ SCIT- Preliminary Findings SCOPE- First Episode Social Cog. Factor Structure Social Cog. Recommendations
Affect Perception Emotional Narratives Social Cog. NIMH Definition
SCIT- Emerging Evidence/ SCIT Letter to the Editor Narrative of Emotions Task (NET) Neural Basis of Social Cog.
Social Cog. Deficits CASS Role Play Measure- Autism Social Cog.
SCIT- Bipolar Disorder/ SCIT- Autism Cognitive Rehab of Social Deficits Social Cog. Research- Reflections
SCIT- RCT AIHQ Deficits in Domains of Social Cog.
SCIT- Feasibility Social Judgements Social Cog Deficits- FEP
Understanding Social Sit. Attributional Style
Social Perception Deficits- Subtypes
Emotion Recognition Models
Social Perception
Emotion Perception through Psychosis


First Episode Treatment




ACE Therapy Loving-Kindness Meditation Oxytocin Study Attachment in Psychosis
GRIP Emotion Dysfunction Oxytocin Pilot Social Neuroscience Measures (1)
GRIP- RCT LKM Pilot Oxytocin 2 Week Trial Self-Reported Empathy
Pathways to Care Life and Treatment Goals Social Neuroscience Measures (2)
OASIS Positive Living Social Neuroscience Measures (3)
Well-Being Facial Affect

Ethnicity and Pscyhosis

Exercise and Psychosis

Social Cognition and African American Men Work Out by Walking