2016-2017 Wrap-Up

2016-2017 Wrap-Up

The 2016-2017 school year has been a great one for the Penn Lab!

Two of our graduate students, Emily Gagen and Ben Buck, are set to leave for their internship sites. Ben will be be located at the Seattle VA and Emily will be spending her time at the Indianapolis VA. Congrats  and well wishes to them both!

In addition to two of our graduate students moving on, one of our research assistants, Grace Lee Simmons, has been accepted at Virginia Tech to begin her studies as a doctorate of clinical psychology with a focus on autism. Way to go Grace Lee!

Some of our senior undergrads of the Penn lab also accepted positions for after graduation. Austin Gragson will be a volunteer for the Peace Corps and will be stationed in Liberia. Emily Bass has taken a position as a research assistant in one of our collaborating labs (Dr. Pinkham) at UT Dallas. Hasan Mustafic will be a research assistant at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, and Caroline Jennings has taken a position as a UX Design intern for Viget. Best of luck to our undergrads!

Although several members of the lab are moving on this year, we will be bringing in a few as well! Maku Orleans-Pobee will be joining the Penn lab as a first year graduate student this year. Maku is a graduate of William and Mary and is interested in psychosocial treatment and early intervention of psychosis. We are lucky to have you, Maku!

In addition to a new graduate student, we will also be taking on a few new undergrads for the 2017-2018 school year. Sofia Edelman, Sydra Siddiqui, Mahogany Monette and Chloe Doris are very bright undergrads who are all eager to join the Penn lab for our upcoming year. Welcome all!